Six Degrees of Separation [The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo]

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo [Book]

I’m joining in with #6Degrees. A book is chosen as a starting point and linked to six other books to form a chain. This month’s chain begins with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.

✻ 1. The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, Stieg Larsson has 1 million+ ratings on Goodreads to date, and it’s one of those Popular Books That Deserves the Hype. I would add The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins to that list too, which also has close to 1 million ratings.

✻ 2. The Girl on the Train made my list of made my list of 3 Books Where The Suspense Almost Killed Me and I would have to say the same for The Husband’s Secret, Liane Moriarty.

✻ 3. The Husband’s Secret had a plot twist that was like woah! I was totally blindsided … but you would think after experiencing it once by Moriarty, she wouldn’t be able to do it to me again … but yup! She got me again with Big Little Lies.

3 Thrilling Mystery Books With Gasp Inducing Plot Twists

✻ 4. I have a thing for marriage thrillers like Big Little Lies. I think the “OG” marriage thriller is probably The Stepford Wives, Ira Levine. What were they thinking in that reality?!

✻ 5. Although I don’t read traditional classics anymore, I do still try to get to some genre classics like The Stepford Wives. And more recently I read (and loved) We Have Always Lived in the Castle, Shirley Jackson.

✻ 6. We Have Always Lived in the Castle is probably one of the shortest books I read all year, but boy did it pack one BIG emotional punch into it’s 160 pages! Conversely, the biggest book I read was Winter, Marissa Meyer @ 832 pages.

From Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo to Winter, Marissa Meyer … joined together by … popular books worth the hype + suspense + plot twists that got me + marriage thrillers + genre classics + short and long books.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think?

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  1. 1 million ratings?!?!?! That’s SO MANY!
    I love these six degrees chains… you never know where you’ll end up!

  2. Shaunesay

    Jan 10

    What a fun feature! If I did it, it would be like, Dragon, dragon, dragon, oh look, another dragon, yep, 6 dragons! lol!

  3. Lynn

    Jan 10

    I loved The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series – it’s so very good.
    We Have Always Lived in the Castle is also an excellent read. Not read Girl on a Train yet but I do have a copy so hopefully soon.
    Lynn 😀

    • Tanya Patrice

      Jan 16

      @Lynn I’m going to start reading more genre classics!

  4. maria helena

    Jan 10

    I’ve read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl on the Train, but none of the other books. Very interesting chain. I’m gonna have to add some of these to my tbr list.

    • Tanya Patrice

      Jan 16

      @Maria loved the 2 that you mentioned too!

  5. FictionFan

    Jan 10

    Good to see The Stepford Wives and We Have Always Lived in the Castle linking – both real classics and both really creepy in different ways. Great chain!

    • Tanya Patrice

      Jan 16

      @FictionFan Both these books renewed my interest in genre classics.