Winter ABCs [The 2020 Edition]

Inspired by Rhyme & Ribbons ABCs of Winter, I shared my Winter ABC’s last year, and am back again with the 2020 edition – just some of what I was feeling this past Winter before ushering in Sprin1g.

Winter ABCs 2020

winter 2020 winter

+ (A)zul … we’ve been playing that boardgame all Winter. I’m finally at the point where I can beat the husband, but our son kicks our butts consistently.

+ (B)ook’d OutJanuary and February – this shows what Kim and I have been reading and loving this Winter.

+ (C)hristmas … my favorite time of year (see This is How We Do Christmas). This year there it was just me, the hubs and our 2 boys and we had a pretty good time playing games and just hanging out.

Christmas Dining Room Tablescape

+ (D)rinking … a cup of tea every morning to start my workday. This has been one of my favorite Winter rituals (see Workspace Wednesday – Winter 2020 Work From Home Edition)

+ (E)njoying … the fact that the temperatures are no longer freezing cold and Spring is on the way!

+ (F)avorites … for January (and February for Kim)  is a new blog series – and my favorite post to put together! I have so much to share.

+ (G)XO GoodReads Reading Challenge Group … got started this Winter, and it’s an awesome community for the 3 reading challenges we host.

+ (H)ating that  … I’m still not working out consistently! Ugh!!!

+ (I) gave up … wearing high heels (except for boots – which I love). They are painful as f&c! because I don’t wear them often enough for my foot to be used to them.

+ (J)umped into … reconnecting with old friends. I just went ahead that cold cold – best decision ever!

+ (K)ept using from last season SpaRoom Eucalyptus Invigorate Essential Oil in my Essential Oil Diffuser (see 7 More Favorites Around the Home). I have a few other oils like lavendar – but I just don’t like them as much.

Spa Room Eucalyptus Oil

+ (L)istening to … the audiobook of The Girl in the Tower (Winternight #2), Katherine Arden. A bit of a slow start for me, but then Wow! It’s gotten so, sooo interesting.

+ (M)ug Fetish … it’s a thing and I have it! I bought this “Hustle Juice” one for my son.

Peppermint Tea

+ (N)ew Years Eve … we hosted a party for the first time and it was a ton of fun!

+ (O)rganizing … my jewelry in this Hives & Honey Cheval Jewelry Cabinet with Standing Mirror Armoire that my husband got me. When someone gets you something that’s the perfect thing you needed – without you having told them so … it’s the best feeling in the World!

+ (P)lan With Me 2020 … I love the start of the year because it’s my favorite time to reset and try … again. I also love Mondays – I’m that annoying cheery person!

Girlxoxo 2020 Goals

+ (Q)uote

“If I cannot do GREAT things I can do SMALL things in a GREAT WAY”.

 – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. –

+ (R)eading … so much this year! 16 books already in just 2 months!

+ (S)tarted … weight training again and I’m loving it!

+ (T)hinking … about the Coronova Virus – COVID-19 pandemic and freaking out to be honest.

+ (U)sing … the 2020 Reading Challenges Tracker. At the end of every week, I add my books and that weekly routine has helped me keep up with it.

+ (V)isited … Pennsylvania, Washington and Idaho this Winter – surprised at how much I liked Idaho!

+ (W)atching … all the news on the Corona virus. I’ve been completely obsessed, horrified and terrified.

+ e(X)cited … about our Spring Break trip. We’re doing a road trip to Tennessee and doing a few college visits there.

+ (Y)esterday … I tried these Kiss Acrylic French (Long) Glue-On Nails … they are too long to even type with and take some getting used to, but I’m loving the look and plan on keeping them on for a while.

+ Co(Z)ing Up With Books and Tea. This Winter, I’ve been enjoying the bold – Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Tea and the minty – Celestial Seasoning Peppermint Herbal Tea and Brew La La Organic Moroccan Mint Green Tea.

Books and Tea

What did you love most this Winter (or Summer if it’s that time of year for you)?!


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