Winter ABCs [The 2022 Edition]

Inspired by Rhyme & Ribbons ABCs of Winter, I shared my Winter ABC’s in 20192020 and 2021. Let’s do it again for 2022!

Winter ABCs 2022

winter quarry

+ (A)ward received from work for being an outstanding member of my group during 2021. It was really awesome to be one of the people recognized.

+ (B)egan the year with a January team running challenge on Zwift Run (and the ZLDR group). It was a ton of fun and all running abilities were welcome.

+ (C)hristmas was epic with my parents, brother’s family and my own (10 of us total). I hosted everyone for 3 weeks.

+ (D)onated to United Negro College Fund like last year. I’m making this an annual contribution, so I also chose another charity to donate to – My Block My Hood – that will change every year.

+ (E)nded cable! We cut the cord in January, and I don’t think there’s any going back. We have Hulu (Disney+ and ESPN+), Netflix, NBC and some cable channels.

+ (F)avorites shared for January and February – can I keep it up?!

me black and white

+ (G)ot a piece of artwork from my aunt that she purchased when she worked in South Africa. It is one of the most precious items I have – I’m very sentimental when it comes to gifts from my family that I can pass on to the next generation eventually.

+ (H)ome updates this Winter include painting, getting a bathroom leak fixed, putting in blinds, getting the fireplace fixed.

+ (I) decided running outside in the cold is not for me and did not do it during the Winter.

+ (J)umping into 2022 with these goals.

+ (K)eeping it together towards the end of a cold Winter is a challenge – especially March. I barely kept it together thanks to working on the blog and a running/riding challenge.

+ (L)earning how to better use the functions on my camera via some Youtube videos so far. I’ve had a Sony alpha 6500 for a few years now and haven’t spent much time learning about it.

where the drowned girls go

+ (M)ajor purchase for the season was a new laptop for me (and for my mom and dad too). I’m using a Lenova Yoga 7i.

+ (N)ext Winter I hope to be able to run a half marathon (comfortably) – what I said for this Winter was to go somewhere warm and I did!

+ (O)rganized all over our house because we listed it in February – but still have so much to do (garage / basement).

+ (P)reparation is my word of the the year, which I shared in Functional #PlanWithMe – 2022 Goal Setting

+ (Q)uote …

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.”

– Colin Powell –

+ (R)ead 10 books this Winter

+ (S)tarted a reading tracker journal this year and have been keeping up with it so far.

+ (T)ried CBD products for the first time this Winter. Not a convert (yet).

+ (U)sing my massage gun almost daily at this point. I love that thing!

+ (V)isited Jamaica, Florida & Georgia this Winter – none of it for work. This is the most personal trips I’ve ever taken in such a short period of time.

beach hut

+ (W)ordle (and now Quordle) is something I’ve been doing daily since I discovered it early January.

+ e(X)cited about blogging! I love this space here and haven’t been good about doing it regularly enough over the last year.

+ (Y)OLO for this Winter … nothing! *insert sad face here^ I need a “you only live once” bucketlist.

+ Co(Z)ing Up With Trader Joe’s Moroccan Mint Tea and 100% Ginger Drink Mix – together.

That’s a wrap on my Winter ABCs! What was your favorite thing about this Winter?


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