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October is #WickedGoodReads Month

Wicked Good Reads

Girlxoxo is having a month-long series with #WickedGoodReads – a love-a-thon of books with wicked people & creatures + dangerous places & things. We’ll be talking psychological thrillers, horror, supernatural and plain old fashioned mysteries. It won’t be all bookishness … but when it is – it will be #WickedGoodReads

#WickedGoodReads Month

You’ll find posts on …

✢ #WickedGoodBooks That Prove You Can’t Always Trust the People Close to You

✢ #WickedGoodPsychologicalThrillers

✢ #WickedBadPlaces in #WickedGoodReads

Creepy Locations #WickedGoodReads

✢ Weird Apocalypse Events in Books  -#WickedWeirdApocalypseBooks

✢ #WickedGoodReads That Are Locked Room Mysteries

✢ Not-So-Creepy-But-Still-Chilling #WickedGoodReads for Halloween

Yes – it’s on!

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