Each year we host a fun little summer challenge here on Girlxoxo called #SummerAtoZ. From now until the end of the summer we’ll be posting our way from A to Z with fun and creative post topics each starting with a letter of the alphabet. Come join in the fun!

We’d love for you to join us in blogging A to Z this summer! Blog topics are totally your choice and you can blog at your own pace. If you miss a letter, no biggie! Totally pressure-free and just for fun. Post to your blog or even to Instagram. Use the hashtag #SummerAtoZ when you post. Take a look at our past event posts linked above for some ideas.

We are shooting for posting every MWF and will do a wrap up post at the end of August. Feel free to set your own schedule and come have some summer fun with us!

Happy Summer Blogging! 


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  1. Bev

    Jun 01

    Sounds like fun – a relaxed pace and anything to post about. I’m in

    • @Bev Thanks! It’s always a lot of fun and it helps us come up with some new post ideas every year.

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