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10 Useful (H)TML Symbols For Your Blog

HTML Symbols for Bloggers

There are lots of ways to add interest to your blog post instead of just having blocks of text. One way is to insert bits of HTML code which will magically turn into symbols on your blog – like checkmarks ✓ – hearts ❤ and stars ✩.

10 Useful HTML Symbols

Simply type in the HEX code and the symbol will appear after you save or publish your post. Or copy and paste the symbol.

Sign Hex code Description
✓ Checkmark
✔ Bold checkmark
♡ heart
❤ heavy heart
✩ 5 pointed star
✶ 6 pointed black star
❋ heavy 8 pointed astisk
✤ 4 point balloon asterisk
✌ Victory sign
☮ Peace

The next blog post you write, try adding one of these symbols to change it up a bit. How comfortable are you with using / adding a bit of HTML code to your blog?

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