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❉ Have you read any of these 11 Books That Have Won Awards in 2017 So Far? I’ve only read 1 – The Underground Railroad, Colson Whitehead – which was so guhhhddd!

❉ Yes, sometimes you really just have to Embrace A Reading Slump.

❉ Did you know about the website How Long to Read This? It estimates how long it will take you to read a book.

Are “To Be Read” Lists Working For You? It’s like as soon as I write mine down, I no longer want to read those books.

reading list progress report

❉ This Cake Flavoured Books Tag is the most fun one I’ve come across in a while.

❉ Have you read any of The 14 Bestselling Books of Summer 2017 (So Far)? I’ve only read 1 – and there’s only 2 more on there that I want to read.

❉ I basically stole this list of All of the Terrifying Horror Books I Can’t Wait to Read in the Second Half of 2017 and made it my own.

❉ And adding a some of the picks on this list of 8 Great Diverse Book Club Picks for Summer Reading to my own reading list.

❉ As if my reading list isn’t looking fat enough, I’m adding more reads from these Best Books of 2017 (So Far)

❉ Do you think you could read A Book A Day for the Rest of the Year?

❉ I haven’t checked this out yet, but I bookmarked these posts on 10 More BookTubers I Love (And You Will Too) and 17 Awesome Podcasts I’ve Been Listening to Lately (Bookish and Non) to check out.


❉ I completely agree with The One Thing I Want to See in Blogging Advice Posts. Too often the advice is just generic regurgitation.

❉ Do you have any more to add to these 10 Useful (H)TML Symbols For Your Blog?

How to Double Your Pageviews in Just 4 Months showed how one blogger actually did it.

❉ Are you active on Pinterest? Here’s The Ultimate List of Over 70 Pinterest Group Boards.

❉ Here’s a very interesting experiment where 60 Instagram Users Proved The Best Way to Gain Followers


10 Office Supplies You Should Be Using to Organize Your Kitchen — Kitchn is super helpful.

How Do You Keep Your Home Neat and Tidy? … Hire a cleaning service – whether it’s once a week, month or quarter – that’s my secret. Money well spent!

❉ Don’t forget in August, You’ll need special glasses to see the solar eclipse. Here’s where to get them free … over 4800 libraries!

❉ Just saying – Top 6 Torrent Alternatives to The Pirate Bay.

❉ This Black Person’s Guide to Game of Thrones is the most awesome GOT explanation I’ve come across.

❉ In case ya didn’t know … Windows Phone Is Dead As Microsoft Ends Support.

❉ Are you Using (G)oogle Photos? And did you know about these 5 Awesome features you should be using for Google Photos?

❉ What do you think about Pretty Planners – An Investment or a Waste of Time? I’ve thought it to be both at different times.

❉ I’ve been feeling in a rut lately, so I’m down with trying this Personal Challenge to Get Out of a Rut.

It’s quite a massive list of links this week – so take your time … do you like the breakdown of bookish, life and blogging tips? Would you like to see other types of tips?

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  1. Cal

    Jul 16

    SO MANY LINKS are loading in my tabs right now. I love this! SO MANY USEFUL ONES! THANK YOOOU!

  2. I was having a nose through your links as I frequently do (I love me a good link up) when lo and behold there’s my little old blog. Thank you for the link up, it’s always nice stumbling across me somewhere else. I like that you always have a variety of links and you keep them separated so I know what I’m browsing through. I quite like the life ones as I never get those kinds of links, it takes me somewhere new and interesting.

  3. Thanks so much for linking to my podcasts post! And I always love these round-ups…I find so much useful content here, especially for blogging tips!