My Bullet (J)ournal Essentials

Bullet Journal Essentials

I use my bullet journal for work, and as such, I’ve tried to keep my system very simple. I also travel for work, so my supplies can’t take up too much space. Here’s what I’m using now.

Planner Notebook and Paper Supplies

TUL Letter Size Discbound Notebook. (black). It’s sturdy, has pockets for business cards on the inside and a stitched pen-holder on the side. I previously had the ARC Leatherbound Discbound which is very similar – but I gifted it to a friend.

Printable Monthly Calendars. There are printable all over the world wide web. The one I’m using this year is from Botanical Paperworks. On this I primarily put travel dates – I have planned travel for the year and need to remember to schedule them for the same time next year. I also put notes on prospective travel, and expiration / renewal deadlines for some documents that I need to keep track of yearly.

Bullet Journal Supplies

Pocket Folder Inserts. I bought a pocket folder (letter size) – cut it in 2, and use them in my planner to put post-it notes on, and to hold any papers that come my way during the day.

Post-It Notes. I have quite an assortment – a bigger set that I use these to take notes and a smaller one I use to jot down quick thoughts or phone numbers.

TUL Letter Size To Do List Format Pages. The paper is thick so there’s no bleed through when writing, and the To-Do style has a shaded column on the right where things can be checked off when complete – no need for me to draw columns like I was doing last year.

Bullet Journal Accessories

bullet journal accessories

Sharpie Fine Pens are my fave, but I also use Staedtler pens. I use 3 colors – black, blue, red and green.

Bic Highlighters. For highlighting travel dates on my calendar.

Office by Martha Stewart Ruler. Martha Stewart has a Discbound Collection that’s interchangeable with Tul (by Office Depot) and ARC (by Staples) systems. That line tends to be brighter and more colorful and the quality is just as good.

Leather “Pencil” Case. I bought the Staedtler pens because they came in a plastic carrying case and used them for a long time – before switching back to my Sharpies. Because of that, I needed a carrying case and was delighted when I found my hand-made (in Jamaica) leather pencil case that I had gotten as a graduation gift. It’s personalized with my name too.

Bullet Journal Essentials

That’s all my supplies. everything fits in either the Planner or my leather carrying case. Do you use a planner or bullet journal?


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