Tech 3 {Fancy Symbols, Screenshots and Logging In}

tech 3

3 useful tech tips that we helped us out recently.

HTML Code for Fancy Symbols – I refer to that website all the time for cute little images that are really just HTML code – like the pencil symbol at the beginning of this sentence.

How to take a screenshot on your Android phone. Hold down the power button and volume down at the same time … this is something I use all the time!

Oh Hi Phone Screen

[Wallpaper from [G+ here] – Clock widget]

✏ I was transitioning my laptop to the kids as their “home computer” and wanted to delete my login info. I used How to Delete Your Microsoft Account and Create a Local Windows 10 Login to create one login for the boys and remove mine. And then I did the same thing to my own laptop.

desktop theme city water

Wallpaper from Unsplash [here]

(Image Credit)


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