This is How We Do Christmas [The 2020 Edition]

We love the holiday season and both of us tend to go all out with the Christmas vibes in our house – from decor, music, movies and foods.


This holiday season is memorable because my youngest is headed off to college next year.

He’s excited that he’ll still continue swimming as it’s been a part of his life since he was 7 years old.

Kitchen Dining Christmas

He will be 3 hours away but he’s been craving more independence, especially after being in lock-down and remote learning.

merry christmas slim tree

Since we are still under Covid restrictions and staying home most of the time, having it look festive inside has really lifted our spirits. Everything is on timers and it looks so magical at night.

Dining Room Christmas

I have a small Christmas village collection that I didn’t put up last year, but I missed it so I put some of the houses under the mini trees in our dining room. It reminds me of my little niece and nephew who won’t be here this Christmas, because this is their favorite thing.

And like last year, we have multiple trees up throughout. It’s an easy way to add a touch of festivity.

We have 6 total.

We get a real tree every year – we almost didn’t do it this year, but getting one felt like a Christmas tradition and it just didn’t seem the same without it. My son is also the one who picks it out (with my guidance of course).

And finally, the outside. It doesn’t usually change much.

christmas lights outside

This year, I was keeping an eye on these 6ft “multicultural” nutcrackers, but then they sold out. But next year – they will be mine!

Christmas Holiday Outside

~ KIM ~

Again, I put the Christmas tree upstairs and I’m happy with the decision. This year my husband finished remodeling our fireplace and I’ve been having fun decorating my new mantle space. I didn’t make a great plan for Christmas so it’s just kind of a hodge podge of my Precious Moments Christmas Village and a small nativity that used to be my moms. Next year I’ll be a little more intentional about the space. Above is what the fireplace looked like last year. Below is what it looks like now!

Several years ago my mom gave me all of her garland when she moved out of my childhood home. I really loved that garland and did put it up for a couple of Christmases. Sadly, though, it was well over 30 years old and just falling apart and beyond repair. Last year I saw garland on sale at Michael’s and snagged 4 strands of it. I really love it and it was so much easier to wrangle while hanging it up! I also got that cute fabric garland at a local craft store and hung it across my mantle.

I still have my Santa lantern from Walmart and it is just magical looking! It’s quickly becoming a new favorite. I did not kill my Christmas cactus from last year but it has yet to bloom so I think it needs some TLC. I also have this cute little mountain shelf that my husband built me years ago. I like putting my small holiday knick knacks on it.

I always have the best intentions to keep it simple when it comes to decorating for Christmas- mostly for my own sanity. But, it is fun to make everything feel cozy and festive! I am, however, one of those people who takes everything down the week after Christmas and loves getting back to a clean slate.

Are you a minimalist when it comes to decorating? Real tree or artificial tree?


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  1. Akilah

    Dec 18

    Love all the trees, love Black Santa, love the new mantle, love the garland, love love love love.