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5 Everyda(Y) Work Non-Essential Essentials

workday essentials

workday essentials

There’s my everyday Summer Work (G)ear {Work Uniform and Work Carry} and then there are the other little things that help me get through the day – and I just like to have around.

  1. Coffee – Just about a cup or 2 per day gives me a little oomph – and in all honesty, makes a little nicer to be around in the morning.
  2. Altoids – I talk to a lot of people during the first few hours of the day and don’t want them smelling my “coffee-breath”. And yes – I’m partial to the Altoids brand.
  3. Sharpie Fine Tip Pen – black ink. No other brand does it for me right now – but I will try any recommendations that you have.
  4. Post Great Grains Bar Undone Cranberry Granola – it looks like this item is discontinued – but I can still get it at one of my local grocery stores. This is my favorite snack currently.
  5. Wine or a cocktail – at end of a long day … nothing else will do.

What’s one thing that helps you get through your day?

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