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This Is How We Read #AMonthofFaves2016

This Is How We Read

This Is How We Read

How has your reading year been? What types of books have you read? How much? Here’s how our bookish year unfolded.

Tanya – My reading year has been quite mixed – some months I couldn’t finish a book, and others, I averaged more than my usual 1 book / week target.

No. of books read so far: 42 – my goal is 50-52 books for the year

✺ Genre That Got the Most Love:

  • Science Fiction – 11 – As much as I say I don’t like science fiction, I sure read a lot of it! Space Operas That Rock
  • Mystery / Thriller – 6
  • Horror (Vampires & Zombies) – 6

✺ How I Read: Audiobooks – 26; physical books – 12; eBooks – 4

✺ Month I Read the Most: January – I finished nothing!

✺ Month I Read the Least: March and May I read 6 books – although December is usually the month I double down (last Dec. it was 7 books)

✺ When I Read: When I can. I usually read in spurts – although I’d love to say I read a few minutes every day, it usually doesn’t happen. Winter Reading Rituals

✺ Fave Books of the Year (Just a Hint): As usual, I have quite a few favorites – but a hint to one of my favorites is that Kim also read it this year as one of the 2016 Monthly Motif Challenges.

Kim – What an interesting reading year for me! This is one of my lowest reading years ever. However, most of what I read turned out to be a 4 or 5 star book. So I’d say that even though I didn’t finish many books, I had one of my best years yet because everything was so good.

✺ No. of books read so far: 45with a goal to read 50 books. This total is misleading though. See below.

✺ Genre That Got the Most Love:

  • Graphic Novel/Comic – 11 So my total finished books includes these 11 comics. I actually read 34 ‘books.’ 
  • Mystery – 8
  • Fantasy -13
  • Dystopia – 5

✺ Month I Read The Most/Least: It seems I read about three books per month. I haven’t finished any in November.

✺ How I Read: I’m about 50/50 when it comes to audiobooks versus print books. I tend to buy my audiobooks through Audible and borrow my print books from the library. I didn’t buy any new print books this year.

Road Trippin With Audiobooks

What are some interesting things you noticed about your reading this year?

Kim and Tanya
Kim is a librarian | life hacker | ancient history nerd | mom to 2 little boys | Utah native | digital archivist | British comedy/British detective show junkie | outdoor lover. Tanya is a digital lifehacker | Food Science guru | teenage boy wrangler | husband tamer | adventure seeker | avid reader.


  1. I came across this at another blogger site and thought it looked like fun- sorry, I’m completely off on the date.

    I love both of your lists! The oddest thing i noticed was that the month I read the least was September- which is such a big release month, so I have no idea why. Also, it was fun to track format because I finally gave in and got a Kindle so had e-book stats!

    Thanks for doing this and happy holidays!

    1. @Catherine thanks for stopping by!

  2. Found this event and your blog through Silver’s Reviews. Subscribing so I can get in on it next year! :O)

    1. @LuAnn – Awesome! And it’s not too late to join in for this year too.

  3. Thanks for hosting this again for 2016.

    I had so much fun last year.

    I can’t believe I missed the first two days. I need a bell to ring so I remember things. LOL!!

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Month Of Faves 12/5

    1. @Elizabeth – better late than never 🙂

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