11 Things That Rocked This Week

Weekend Reads

Here’s a look at some interesting things we read/ saw / thought / did this week.


  1. Would you feel awkward listening to any of these books with someone else? If it were my mom, yes. My hubs, no.
  2. One thing I love about co-blogging is that Tanya and I feed off of each others post ideas which usually results in five additional ideas. Here’s some brainstorming tips if you are having trouble coming up with topics to blog about.
  3. I am a list making junkie. I love this concept of mind-mapping. I realize I do this all the time in my head but what I write down is usually just a brain dump in list form and then I sort, categorize, and prioritize later.
  4. Here are 8 more Online Tools to Help You Organize Your Digital Life.
  5. I’m a sucker for a pretty diary but on this list, I’d probably go with the plain white one.

Tanya –

  1. I went to NY the 1st half of this week to visit the parents, and it was such a wonderful trip. I didn’t get much reading done however, so I’m still reading The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood, and listening to the audiobook of Splintered, A.G. Howard, which is one of the recommendations Kim gave me in June Monthly Motif Check In {Girlxoxo Recommends}.
  2. Have you thought about How Technology Has Changed the Way We Enjoy Books? I now use my phone to read eBooks and listen to audiobooks.
  3. Amen to 3 Bookish Super Powers Every Reader Needs.
  4. There are some awesome ideas in 33 Ways to Have a More Bookish Summer.
  5. I love seeing how other people do things like Keeping Organized Between Spouses. How do you and yours get it done together?
  6. Even though I’m taking the summer off running, I now know which 5ks You Should Run Based on Your Hogwarts House

How is your weekend going? What are you reading, currently loving, planning on doing next week?


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