11 Things This Week

Here are some of the things I did / read/ saw / thought recently in my life and on the interwebzzz.

11 Things This Week

ONE+ This was a good week! Work was a 5-hour drive there and back a few days later, so I used the tips in How to Stay in Shape While Traveling. Did it everyday.

TWO+ Of course audiobooks kept me company on the car ride. There are just some Types of Books That are Better as Audiobooks.

Audiobooks With Full Casts Narrations

[3 Really Excellent Audiobooks Read By Full Casts]

THREE+ I usually have trouble falling asleep the first night of being away from home. After reading 12 Things to Help You Sleep I ordered the OLLY Restful Sleep Melatonin Gummy … just because it’s the cheapest thing on that list. Anybody else have trouble sleeping sometimes? What do you do?

FOUR+ In looking through 10 Highly-Anticipated Novels to Read This Summer I saw that Nicole Dennis-Benn has a new novel coming out on June 4th called Patsy. She wrote Here Comes the Sun which I absolutely loved (one of my favorite novels set in my country, Jamaica) – so it’s going on my reading list.

FIVE+ The Women’s Prize for Fiction shortlist is out. Surprisingly I’ve read 3 of the 6 books. Have you read any? Any predictions for who will take home the prize?

SIX+ Barnes and Noble Launches a YA Book Club and I’m using it to motivate my youngest son who is a reluctant reader, so we’ll be joining in.

SEVEN+ This March-April Bookish Bullet Journal is awesome. Love it!

EIGHT+ If you’re looking for a planner, you must read The Best Planner Reviews to Help You Get More Done in Less Time.

NINE3 Things To Do In May and 5 Things in May – take your exercise outside – yes! Not that I’ve actually done that yet … but it’s on my agenda.

TEN+ I’ve been paying a lot more attention to beauty products this year than I have in the past, and the products can be expensive, so I’m eyeballing some of the items on The Best Money-Saving Beauty Dupes.

ELEVEN+ 10 Apps That Will Really Save You Money was a good reminder that this is another easy way I could be saving money – I currently don’t use any of these apps – do you?

In case you missed it, this week we talked about the Audiobooks We’ve Been Listening to Lately and I shared my Functional Plan With Me [May 2019].


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  1. Thanks for sharing my planner reviews ladies. There are some great planners out there and so many are going on sale right now! Off to check out that bookish bullet journal and Plan with Me!!

  2. Helen Murdoch

    May 05

    I love doing Bullet Journals, but I am just not creative enough to do pages like the example you shared. However, I do love looking at other people’s pages; it calms me.