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12 Things This Week

Weekly Links

Here’s a look at some interesting things we read/ saw / thought / did this week.

  1. I don’t know why, but one day I might need this, so I bookmarked 5 Apps for Getting a Temporary Burner Phone Number
  2. 12 New Fall Releases for Stephen King Fans caught my eye since I’m a huge King fan. I plan on getting a copy of Six Scary Stories, Selected and Introduced by Stephen King for sure.
  3. OK – although I’m a lover of audiobooks, I can relate to everything else in Confessions of a Behind-the-Times Book Nerd … I don’t even keep books in my house – and donate (most) to the library after I’m done reading them.
  4. Yasssss … 13 Ways Book Lovers Make More Time for Reading.
  5. Are you using any of these 5 Incredible Instagram Tools (Windows & Mac Desktop Clients Too)? The ability to see pics. on a bigger screen is very appealing.
    instagram stories guide

    Instagram Stories Guide

  6. In case you’re looking, here’s a set of Blog Planner Printables I came across. Of course, we’re digital around here and use Evernote As A Blogging Editorial Calendar.
  7. You Know You’re a Book Blogger When … “your library card is in the most accessible part of your wallet”. Yup!
  8. Have you watched any of these 10 binge-worthy TV series based on books?
  9. The tips in How to Turn Around a Bad Day work for me – especially set a timeline. Definitely take some time to wallow in self-pity … and then start trying to get over it.
  10. Everyday Luxuries inspired me to write a post about some of my own. What are some of your everyday luxuries?
  11. If you’re into music and reading, check out 25+ Mixtapes for Books.
  12. And of course – our Tunes on Repeat This Fall are perfect to get you in the mood for “you time.”
    Tunes to Jam With This Fall

    Tunes to Jam With This Fall

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