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ONE+ The Best Books of The Year lists have started rolling out with Best Books of 2019 – Publisher’s Weeklyhave you read any of the Top 10?

TWO+ Also bookmarked 20 of the Best Post-Apocalyptic Books of 2019!

THREE+ Reading challenges are also starting to pop up and we published our 2020 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge  AND welcomed back the 2020 Monthly Keyword Challenge. AND we’ll be checking in on Instagram – so add us @awesomerxoxo. How are you doing on all the reading challenges you joined for this year?

FOUR+ I missed being able to see all the monthly bookish events on blogs in one place – so brought back our monthly #BookishEvents for November.

FIVE+ There’s also a lot of Fall reading recommendations for this year but I’m especially loving the genre reading recommendation like Fall Chills Bring Big Thrilling Mysteries + 7 Sci-fi and Fantasy Books to Curl Up With This Fall and + 7 Fantasy books to curl up with this fall.


SIX+ This Literary Dinner | Dracula is eveythang! So creative.

SEVEN+ I wish I could … In Which I Get Ridiculous About Reading Goals and Scheduling (Readalong-Style).

EIGHT+ 5 ways to keep track of your library books and avoid library fines … thank goodness my library implemented automatic renewals.

NINE+ Top titles with the most weeks at #1 on Amazon Chartshow many of these books have you read?

TEN+ I really enjoyed reading A Primer for Audiobook Enjoyment Part 1 and Part 2 because I want everyone to get on the audiobook reading train! It’s really saved my reading life!

Productivity, Life & Home Hacks

May Designs Blue Sky Planner

ELEVEN+ Ink and Volt did a roundup of their 10 Best Productive Life Planning articles – do not miss it when they start their annual Goal setting series this year.

TWELVE7 of the Best Daily Habits to Change Your Life what do you think of these?

THIRTEEN+ Crowd Sourced Favorite Podcast Episodes that will inspire you to live your best life and be true to your goals and aspirations – whatever they may be.

FOURTEEN+ How To Design a Home That Reflects Your Personality and Cleaning Tips For Keeping on Top of Your Busy Home’s Biggest Chores … because we all need these!

FIFTEEN+ Reflection and planning – 10 Things [From Me] This Month – The October Edition – and a Functional Plan With Me [November 2019]I’d really love to know what you think about this type of post because I’m on the fence about sharing it here.


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