5 Brands That Rule My Day {Brand Loyalist}

Over the years of trial and error, I’ve come across some products and brands that I purchase over and over again. Here’s what’s been working for me lately – 5 brands & products that rule my day.

HAIR 💕 Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner. I realized that my hair is protein sensitive, so products with keratin makes my hair dry. It responds best to a daily spray of warm water plus a few dollops of this conditioner. I still have (dread)locs and this easy daily combo is what keeps them moisturized.

WEAR 💕 Sperry loafers. No matter whether it’s Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall – I wear these to work all year long. I’m the girl with dress slacks and Sperry’s on at work.

PHONE 💕 Android phones. I like customizing my phone way to much to ever be an iPhone user. I’m still a happy Nexus 5 user, but will probably upgrade this summer with one of these fancy new phones.

Android Phone Setup

CLEAN 💕 Bath and Body Works foaming hand soap. It’s in every bathroom in my house. I am partial to the foaming one.

ORGANIZE 💕 Staples ARC Planner. I use this as the journal in my Bullet Journal Based To-Do Based System for Work and it was the perfect choice. The papers are letter size, removable and the whole system is customizeable.

What brand and product are you loyal to?

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  1. Catherine

    Jun 13

    I love Nars cosmetics- they have lip pencil that acts like a balm but with a bit of color. That and their Multiples are the two expensive cosmetics amongst my drugstore stuff.

    • Tanya Patrice

      Jun 13

      @gilmoreguidetobooks – thanks for sharing! I’m going to check them out.

  2. Jess C

    Jun 08

    I’m also a fan of BBW’S foaming hand soap. I stock up during the semi-annual sales !