5 Major Tools To Help You Stay Organized and On Top of Everything

The perfect combination of tools for organizing work and life will look different for each of us, so although the ones listed below are what have improved my work routines, they are universal and can probably be incorporated into yours.

5 Major Tools To Help You Stay Organized and On Top of Everything

  1. Calendar app. I use Any.do Cal and Neat Cal which show appointments from both my work and personal Google Calendar (which I hardly use to tell you the truth) and put it in a pretty display. This is usually the 2nd screen on my phone – no matter how often I change he look of my wallpaper, having my appointments displayed is a must. Phone Homescreens
  2. Alarms. And not just to wake up in the mornings. I set the one on my phone to go off before appointment too, e.g. for 5 minutes before all conference calls, or 2 hours before I have to leave for the airport.
  3. A planner. The Monthly View on my Blue Sky planner offers a very visual way to see the entire month at a glance (and thus my upcoming travel) – not even my digital calendar does it as well. The daily is for to-do lists – tasks, things I’m waiting on. Blue Sky Planner
  4. Automating Tasks. We’re talking about “set it and forget it” for things like bills.  I prefer to set up all bills to one credit card that gives us points. And then this card is automatically paid in full when it’s due. Previously, we had all bill set up to be paid automatically by the bank – love this feature!
  5. Saving all passwords. I use eWallet app on my phone and it’s a savior for ALL types of passwords and login information. We’re talking even login info for credit cards, bills, banks etc.

App Love for eWallet

What’s one thing that helps you stay organized? Do you use any of the tools above in your regular routine?

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  1. Akilah

    Oct 13

    My motto is that if it isn’t on the calendar, it doesn’t exist, so I relate deeply to #1. I don’t have a planner, but I do have a paper to-do list journal thing that helps me keep my life together. And I, too, set alarms for everything.

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