5 Things from Kim this Week

I have this love/hate thing with March. It’s my birthday month, which is awesome and fun and I always think of it as the turning point between winter and spring. But it’s still cold. It even snowed today. Us Utahans like to joke about the 11 seasons of Winter. Utah weather loves to tease us with 60s and sunshine and then the next week it’s back to 20s and snow. Basically I’ve learned not to get my hopes up until Memorial Day. What does the weather look like in your area?

This Week I’ve been…

Anticipating + A much needed spring break getaway to slightly warmer temps. We’re heading to southern Utah for a couple of days and hope to get in some swimming and outdoor play. I just need to feel the sun on my face!

Ordering + five different pairs of hiking shoes from DSW (with my birthday coupon) to choose from. I tried to pick a new pair of hiking shoes last year but could never find anything that was quite right. Crossing my fingers one of these will work.

Reading + I recently finished the audiobook of The Searcher, Tana French and loved it. It’s not her usual fair and has a decent mix of both positive and negative reviews. I’m glad I was in the latter group. I’ve learned that French is a fan of not giving her reader all the answers and I think you need to accept that in order to enjoy her writing. Now- on to The Survivors, Jane Harper.

Watching + We finally bought a hanging bird feeder and I am completely enamored with it. After a bit of research we found that most birds in our area enjoy black oil sunflower seeds. I checked out a book from the library to help me identify all the birds stopping by and I’ve been totally nerding out over it. Relaxing and surprisingly really fun!

Overseeing + the local elementary school readathon! I volunteered to handle the week long readathon this year and while it’s been a lot of work, it’s also been pretty fun. I chose an Olympic theme and called it “Read for the Gold”. It involves daily reading tracker tickets which the kids can turn in to be entered into drawings, organizing prizes for the top readers and a class party for the top classes of each grade. It’s crazy how much they pack in to this one event. When I was a kid, readathon was my favorite event at school. Back then it was just one afternoon of reading where we were allowed to wear pajamas and bring a blanket and snacks to school. Pure heaven for me!

Did you do school readathons when you were a kid?


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  1. Tanya Patrice

    Mar 11

    We have the same seasons here in the mid-West. By March I am completely over it!