A Day in the Life – March Edition

It looks like the last time I did “A Day in the Life” was last summer. At that time, we had been dealing with Coronavirus for just about 6 months. Here’s what my day looks like 6 months later – and 1 year since we started lock down.


This is taken from last week Saturday.

8AM | Get Up and at ’em – On the weekends, I get up late! The first thing I do – like every morning – is check my phone. On the weekdays it’s usually to double check the time of my first meeting of the day, so that I don’t do too long a workout and miss something. On the weekends, it’s to check Strava as motivation to get in the day’s workout because my brother and other super-fit friends have usually already gone for a run, ride and/or swim! There’s nothing like seeing people have already run a half marathon while you’re still laying around in bed and contemplating not doing a damn thing!

We’re leaving for Florida tomorrow evening, so most of today will be prepping, packing and getting a list of last minute things we may need for the trip. There’s a bunch of laundry to be done, so as I get out of bed, I pop a load of laundry in and then start to fold the clothes that we have in the hamper – there’s some stuff in there I might want to take with me.

9 – 9:30AM | Breakfast – I usually don’t eat until around noon, but I’m feeling a little hungry today and since a 50KM ride is on the agenda in an hour, I go with the feeling and fix a light breakfast – a fried egg on 1 slice of toast and a wee slice of avocado + chug some water. I usually prefer to ride fasted – too much food in my tummy makes me a little nauseous – so I only eat half the sandwich and take my multivitamin – Centrum+Energy. My youngest son is also in the kitchen making oatmeal and eggs. He has swim practice at noon.

9:30AM – 10:15AM | Get Ready – Time to pop another load of laundry in the wash and change into my Specialized bike shorts , tank top and headband (the sweat for indoor rides is unreal so this is a must). I also grab my laptop (to run Zwift), phone, JBL 650 Noise Canceling Headphones, 2 bottles of water, a banana and a bottle of Gatorade with just a wee bit left in it and head to our 3rd garage where my bike is set up. This is where my husband set-up most of our workout stuff – and there’s a tv in here as well.

Zwift Ride

10:30 – 1:05PM | Cycling! Wowza – I did the Zwift Bambino Fondo event which is 52KM (32 miles) … the last 4KM was UPHILL – there were 3 long brutal climbs total! It sucked hard but I’m so proud of myself for finishing. During the ride, I ate the banana and finished a bottle of water and the left-over Gatorade. I alternated listening to Hip-Hop on FitRadio and watching the first episode of Resident Alien on tv.

1:05 – 2PM | Eat! I’m so hungry – I want to eat ALL the food. So I finish off the rest of the egg on toast plus have some of the left-over Pan-Seared BBQ Pork Chop from the fridge. Still hungry, I tun to snacking on almonds and I find my stash of Gummy Bears and eat that too! Then of course, it’s time to take a shower. Indoor cycling is a sweat fest!

2 – 4PM | Pack – I really want to sleep away the rest of the day but there’s too much to do. I fold the 2 loads of laundry that got done earlier and start packing my suitcases. I’m very methodical when it comes to packing and it doesn’t really stress me out. I’ve already been getting my stuff together (aka shopping) all week so most of it was already piled up in a suitcase. This reminds me I have a few returns I need to drop off tomorrow – so I also print out the return labels and pack them up to take to the UPS store tomorrow. Also – more snacks – grapes.

4- 4:30PM | Nap. 50KM is the longest I’ve ever ridden – and I did it on Tuesday and then again today. It’s also the most elevation I’ve ever ridden in a week at almost 4000ft, so my thighs are screaming obscenities. I foam roll – briefly wish I had a massage gun – get in the bed and take a wee nap.

Morning Tea

4:30 – 6PM | Big Brother is Watching – When I woke up, my husband asked me to help with the install of our additional Eufy video doorbell and outdoor cameras (w have 2 front entrances – so 2 doorbells). We also set up a few Wyze cams indoors too. We decided to use a different system indoors than outdoors so we would have 2 apps and not 1 crowded with a bunch of different camera feeds.

6 – 6:30PM | I have no intention of cooking and everybody seems to be feeling in the mood for Five Guys burgers, so I head out to pick up the order and catch-up on the phone with my mom while I’m out. We both coincidentally got the COVID vaccine earlier this week (she’s in a different country) – neither one of us had any significant side effects.

6:30 – 8PM. While my husband and the boys had burgers and fries, I just had fries and we hung out together playing a round of Azul and Blokus while watching college basketball – March Madness. I really just want to hop in bed though, so I’m the one to call it a night. The boys stay downstairs watching tv while the hubs and I head upstairs.

8 – 10PM – After another shower, it’s time to relax in bed, check blog posts on Feedly, start writing this post. At 10PM – my husband is still watching tv, but it’s time for me to go to sleep. I have to do a short run and a recovery bike session tomorrow – then I’m off for vacation for a week.

I never thought I’d love working out from home – always had a gym membership (whether I used it or not), but this year I’ve really been into it. What are you doing for exercise? Next month, Kim will take over and share a day from her life.


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