A Declaration of My Personal Goals for 2018

I waffled back and forth whether or not to post goals this year but in the end I know that the biggest way to hold yourself accountable is to publicly declare your goals with the promise to come back and report on your progress. So here I am…

I’ve been super inspired by all the goal setting inspiration that Tanya has posted about recently, so I spent some time and went through the worksheets. I first worked my way through a reflection of 2017 using the free download Tanya provided.

The bottom line is that 2017 brought on some big (but really good) life changes and those changes left me feeling exhausted and depleted. I spent most of the year feeling relatively happy but mostly ‘blah’ in general.

So after completing my reflection, I chose my One Little Word:


Thrive: To grow or develop vigorously- to flourish. To progress toward or realize a goal despite, or because of, circumstances.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” -Maya Angelou

So many of you who have posted recently, on social media and on your blogs, have related the feeling that 2017 was difficult and that your feelings toward 2018 are hopeful and, dare I say, excited!? Well, I feel the same way. It was invigorating and fun to set attainable, but challenging, goals using the categories that Tanya had posted about.

So today, I wanted to share five of my personal goals for 2018.

ONE. Hike It Baby! Specifically, I want to take my family on 12 new-to-us hikes this year. We’re hoping that several of those will be in National Parks, as visiting at least two this year is also on our family goals list. We love hiking and didn’t do near enough of it last summer. To be fair, I’d just had a baby, but still… I badly missed being on the trail.

TWO. Educate Yo’ Self! I mentioned this before, but I recently embarked on a little self study project. My undergrad is in history- specifically ancient history with an emphasis on art and architecture. Would it be completely nerdy of me to say that I really miss my studies on these subjects? So this year, I’ve laid out a complete study plan that I’m going to take myself through to review my ancient history lessons.

THREE. Memory Keep Catch Up. I let my memory keeping endeavors slip last year as I focused on other things and this year I hope to catch up. I’m two family yearbooks behind now and I’ll be damned if I get even further behind.

FOUR. Paint My Thumb Green, Again. We have big goals this year to install some raised garden beds, plant two new trees, and rework the layout of the yard. Up to this point I’ve been a ‘summer only’ gardener. This year we hope to set up some grow lights in the basement and extend our growing season.

FIVE. Read All The Books. I’ve set a goal to read 45 books this year. I am not a fast reader by any means and last I suffered so many reading slumps that I worried I’d read myself into a total burnout. So 45 books will be a challenge for me but it’s also something I know I can do. In addition, I hope to finish my chosen reading challenges!

And of course I have all the typical personal goals in mind as well. This includes a personal workout plan that is manageable for me, regular yoga practice, time for journalling, and a focus on habits like washing my makeup off every night and cooking healthy meals. Basically I want to stop being a lazy ass when it comes to like, everything. As always…my focus is on progress not perfection.

I’m super excited for my 2018 goals and hope my enthusiasm stays strong throughout the year!

What specific goals have you set for yourself this year that you’re especially excited about?






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  1. Heather

    Jan 14

    I love this SO much! I finally got around to posting about my theme for this year and I am super excited for yours. I am definitely one of those people who felt like 2017 was like scraping by but 2018 feels like there is potential to make some really exciting things happen. I’m hoping that having public goals, working with accountability partners, and sharing our progress will help make 2018 a big success. And, remembering, progress over perfection!

  2. Vicki

    Jan 12

    I have plant a tree and make some raised garden beds on my 2018 Bucket List.

    • Awesome! Fixing up our garden area is probably one of the goals I’m most excited about.

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