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Currently … {I Love June}

I Love June

I Love June

How is your month going so far? I’ve been loving June – glorious weather

LOVING … Summer weather! Dude, I like it HOT, HOT, HOT!

WEARING … If you see me, you will know it’s me. Dreadlocs, dress, sunnies and sandals or Espadrilles.

I Love June

READING … I’ve picked my books for the 2016 Big Books Summer Challenge

  • The Fireman, Joe Hill
  • End of Watch (Bill Hodges #3), Stephen King
  • City of Mirrors (Passage #3), Justin Cronin

GOING … to NY and FL. The 1st weekend in June, I went to see the parents in NY, and it was great. It basically turned into a shopping trip (don’t tell the hubby). Next up I’m headed to Tampa, FL the week of the 20th for work. I’m going to start sharing more of my travel gear here on the blog.

DRINKING Svelte Organic Protein Shake (French Vanilla). I’ve been drinking this straight for breakfast in the mornings, or using it to make oatmeal. I love it – and even got the husband and kids drinking it too. It’s dairy free (and gluten free too).

EATING … Sushi from WOOW Sushi.

EXPLORINGFox River Trail where my husband and I go have started to go walking on the weekends. I need a bike rack for my car – but when I get it, I hope to start biking there this summer.

Have you tried any new products lately? Did you love it – or hate it? What are you doing a lot of this summer?

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