How I’m Using the Reading Challenges Tracker [Q1 Check-In]

Earlier in January, we published the 2019 Reading Challenges Tracker [FREE Spreadsheet]. Since then I’ve joined a few more challenges and started using the spreadsheet to track my progress.

Reading Challenges

On the Challenges tab of the Reading Challenge Tracker, I put the 6 challenges I’m participating in that have themes (replacing some of the ones that were already there) – the 2019 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge, Modern Mrs. Darcy, A-Z Author Names, A-Z Book Titles, A-Z Places Spell Out – and I created my own SFF and Horror Challenge..

In the Other Challenges column – I put my reading goals as I wasn’t participating in any other hosted challenges. They are diversity reading challenge – goal: 25; New books – goal: 12; Known authors – goal: 25; and New authors – goal 12.

Adding All the Books

On the Tracker tab I didn’t have to change anything – just started adding books that I want to read. I have 23 books there already – read 6 so far. For some of the books, I’ve added the challenge or challenge theme that the book will be used for – which is why some are already highlighted green on the Challenge tab. That’s probably the feature I love the most about this reading tracker – when you add a book and select the challenge theme it will be used for, then it will highlight it green on the Challenge tab. That way – you’ll know you’ve already planned a book for that challenge.

Reading Challenge Tracker TP

It does the same thing for the “Other Challenges” where you have numerical goals – except when you select the reading challenge, it counts the book – and this will be highlighted when this number equals to the goal you put in.

One thing I’ll implement  in next year’s version – is that the challenge theme will change to a different color when the book is already read! But for now … this works beautifully!

Keeping Track

So one month in – I’m using the tracker and on top of everything – 6 books read with at least 1 book for every challenge I’m participating in. There’s a lot more time left in the year, so I’m trying to update the tracker with my progress after every book read.

How are you doing with your reading challenges? How many are you doing? How are you keeping track?


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