How was your month? I am completely embracing the fact that I’m a hermit right now, and just deciding to completely embrace making our space and my life completely cozy with seasonal touches, and reading all the books. So here’s 5 of my faves for this month.


ONE+ Ivy’s Nips Tea – All the lemony cozy vibes in a cup that you could want! I don’t even know how I came across this black female owned business BUT this is going on my “never run out of this” list. Love, love, LOVE having a mug of this first thing in the morning to wake me up.

TWO+ Decorating outside for Halloween with Skeletons. I got so much inspiration from the Instagram #halloweenyarddecorations and had my own “Halloween BBQ” theme going on in our front yard. I didn’t spend any money and used what we had … which turned out to be quite a few skeletons.

THREE+ Pumpkin Spice Camp Mug – While outside was decked out for Halloween – inside was all cozy with Fall. I do have a mug obsession (slight) and I added these “Pumpkin Spice” mugs. I don’t really care much about “pumpkin spice” drinks or anything else (except Pumpkin Coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts), so I just use these mugs for tea … and to look cute.

Pumpkin Spice Campers Mug

FOUR+ This Large mat Frame (for 8×10 Pictures) – Everyone says that you can remove Command hooks without messing up the walls – BUT THAT IS NOT MY EXPERIENCE. I have a wall where on TWO different occasions, I took the hooks off and those suckers pulled the paint / ripped the drywall. So I needed to cover it. I bought this frame from Michael’s and put a picture of the boys in it – and used a NAIL to hand it. Perfection. Pictures really do make the best decor.

FIVE+ African Milk Tree – mine (pictured above) was purchased at Home Depot 2 years ago and it is such an easy plant to care for. I put it out for most of the summer and really forgot about it – and that’s when it grew the most! It’s so forgiving, but it really makes a statement with it’s tall, thorny stems. She looks so happy and is giving me life right now!


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  1. hahahaha that BBQ theme you have going on is just great! ☠

  2. Love your lawn deco, what fun! Happy Halloween

    • Tanya Patrice

      Oct 29

      @Shelleyrae – Thanks. Hope you have a great one too

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