#OneThingThisMonth February

#OneThingThisMonth is where we challenge ourselves to complete just one goal that we set each month. Here’s a look at what we did in January and our goal for next month – February.

January Goals

✩ KIM ✩ My goal for this month was all about blogging. I am almost done getting the templates for the Monthly Motif Reading Challenge up, so I’m happy I’ll accomplish that part. I wasn’t great about scheduling things ahead. That seems to be really tough for me with my schedule right now. I did pretty great on interacting with other readers through social media (mostly Instagram.) I’m still not reading blogs much though. I’ve realized it’s not a time thing- it’s more about my lack of interest in reading long blog posts. I still check Feedly daily but rarely find a blog post that I feel compelled to click over to immediately. I am realizing that I much prefer the quick write-ups found on Instagram captions. I can interact with so many more readers that way. 

✤ TANYA ✤ My #OneThingThisMonth for January was to work-out at least 5x/week … I’ll give myself a C+ / B-. I tend to think I’m superwoman sometimes – and need to realize that I’m still sick and going through some treatments until the end of January. So I did work out every week – but not 5x. Baby steps.

#OneThingThisMonth – February

✩ KIM ✩ In February I want to sew something I can wear. I learned to sew when I was very young but it’s been about 15 years since I sewed anything more than a pillow case. Awhile back I fell down the Instagram rabbit hole of slow fashion and started noticing how modern and cute many of the clothing patterns were. I soon became obsessed with sewing some pieces for my own closet. I picked a simple pattern out to start with and am in the process of choosing some fabric. I hope to have it finished by the end of the month and have picked out my next pattern.

✤ TANYA ✤ This month I’m getting back to making home-made smoothies on a regular and researching healthy add-ins.

Morning Jump Start Green Hemp Milk Smoothie

I’ve started using Pinterest again and created a Pinterest Smoothie Board for inspiration.

What’s one goal you’d like to focus on this month?


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  1. Vicki

    Jan 28

    Both sound like great goals. My goal for February is to catch up on reviews. I’ve only posted one so far this year and I’m 3 books behind 🙁

    • Tanya Patrice

      Feb 01

      @Vicki good luck!!! We’re rooting for you

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