Our Reading (I)nbox Mid-Year Reading List Update

We love to read and tend to get a bit carried away with stacks and stacks of books that we just want to experience! We can’t get to it all – but we sure can try! So here’s where we are with the books that we’ve mentioned we want to read this year – on our “To Be Read” (TBR) list.

To Be Read List

Books From the 2021 ‘Best of the Year’ Lists We Want to Read

KIM – 2 of the 6 books on this list were DNFs for me- Malibu Rising, Taylor Reid Jenkins and Lore Olympus, Rachel Smythe. I know everyone loved those but they were just ‘meh’ for me. I read and really loved Razorblade Tears, S.A. Cosby. I also read Under the Whispering Door, TJ Klune and it was just okay for me. I still have plans to read the other 2.

New Books Release Radar

2022 New Releases on Our Radar (Part 1- First Half of the Year)

KIM – I have a really bad habit of making TBR lists and then completely forgetting about them. So I’m happy to report that I’ve actually read 2 out of the 4 books. I loved The Night Shift, Alex Finlay which turned out to be a dual timeline murder mystery and I really loved Hunt the Stars, Jessie Mihalik because it’s space battles and romance and all of that fun stuff. Book of Cold Cases is sitting on my desk downstairs and my hold for The Merciless Ones just came in!

TANYA PATRICE – I’ve read 4 out of 5 books which I’m pretty happy about. The only one outstanding, Akata Woman, Nnedi Okorafor, I’m keeping on my reading list and hopefully will get to later this year. I loved The Violin Conspiracy, Brendan Slocumb and Where the Drowned Girls Go (Wayward Children #7), Seanan McGuire, but wasn’t feeling Goliath, Tochi Onyebuchi.

where the drowned girls go

What’s On Your Winter Reading List?

KIM – Well, I’ve lost interest in For the Wolf, Hannah Whitten so I probably won’t read that. I did read One Last Stop, Casey McQuistin and it was just okay for me. I also started listening to Harrow the Ninth, Tamsyn Muir on audio (after loving Gideon the Ninth) and unfortunately I was bored to tears. So it’s going to end up being a DNF for me.

City of the Lost

Spring 2022 Reading List

TANYA PATRICE – Ohhhhh … I’ve read none of the 4 books on my Spring reading list! I blame the fact that I stated reading the Secret McQueen series, Sierra Dean … and just couldn’t stop. I read the first 5 books in the series and when I looked up – Spring was almost over! I do still plan on reading all the books though – they all still look juicy and enticing to me.

bibliophile books

Bookish (E)nvy – 5 Books Everyone Is Talking About That We Haven’t Read Yet But Want To

KIM – From our Bookish Envy post I’ve read Book Lovers, Emily Henry. Unfortunately I didn’t love it as much as other people seem to. I honestly thought it was a bit boring. I still have plans to read Daughter of the Moon Goddess, Sue Lynn Tan.

TANYA PATRICE – This is a relatively new list of books so I haven’t gotten to any of the 3 books that I put on there.

My #20BooksofSummer (2022) Reading List

TANYA PATRICE – I’ve crossed off the first 5 books and DNF 1 – My Heart is a Chainsaw, Stephen Graham Jones. Unfortunately I just couldn’t get into the rambling, stream of consciousness, “relate everything to a horror movie” style of the main character.

Our Reading Challenges

KIM – I was doing so well on all of our challenges up until the last couple of months when I kind of fell off the wagon with the Book Award Challenge. I still need to listen to May and June’s books on audio. I’ve already purchased them, it’s just a matter of finding time to listen.

TANYA – Like Kim, I’m behind on the Book Award Challenge. I ended up not finishing my choice for May, My Heart is a Chainsaw, Stephen Graham Jones. For the Key Word Challenge, I still need to read June’s book as well.

wicked good reads bingo tracker

The #WickedGoodreads Bingo

KIM – I’ve been having so much fun planning reads for the Bingo card! I’ve got several squares finished but no bingo’s yet. I think I’m going to try my hardest for a blackout.

TANYA PATRICE – In this challenge you can only get a “Bingo” by completing one of the vertical series of prompts. I’m 1 book away from getting Bingo for the “O” column. Just need to read a book for “Animal – Friend or Foe”. I also have a few other squares completed. Like Kim said – this has been one of my favorite challenges to choose books for.

We both always have mile long reading lists! How about you – how are you doing on your TBR?


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