(T)ech 3 [The Privacy Edition]

Tech Tips

Our monthly-ish series highlighting 3 useful tech tips that helped us out recently.

Online & Computer Privacy

✏ My oldest son is off to college, and when setting up his new laptop (lucky kid), I of course installed one of The Best VPN Services and Apps – choosing Avast SecureLine … primarily because that’s what I was already using on my own computer (My Essential Computer Programs).

✏ I also went through and did almost everything in How to Manage Location Services in Windows 10 and Why You Should Bother and Don’t Let Windows 10 Spy on You: Manage Your Privacy! It was scary that I didn’t even know about ANY of these settings.

✏ My son also got a lecture on turning the wi-fi option “Off” on his phone and only turning it on when he’s on a secure connection – mainly at home. Here’s How to Avoid Automatic Connection to Open Wi-Fi Networks. Same thing with the Location setting – leave that off unless you need it. Do you have these settings turned off on your phone?

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