Work Carry {The Fall Edition}

In my bag

I used to feel like the bag lady going to work with a ton of stuff, but I think I’ve successfully pared things down to the bare essentials … sort of. What do you HAVE to carry with you to work everyday?

Everyday Work Carry {The Fall Edition}

Swiss Gear Laptop Bag
Everyday Work Carry

It contains my …

  • (Work) Laptop – HP Ultrabook
  • Black Clutch – in case I go out for an impromptu lunch that’s all I need to take with me. In it is …
    • A mini-size Bath and Body Works lotion – I wash my hands a gazillion times a day because I work in a food manufacturing facility
    • Burt Bees lip balm
    • Owl coin purse (pictured) – which has my driver’s license, debit card and cash.
  • Zebra Z-Grip Flight Ballpoint Pens
  • Small notebook … I don’t know why but I make lists all the time – books to read, places to go, things I’ve been neglecting to do that need to get done …

I also take a lunch bag – either of the two pictured below.

Inside my lunch bag varies, but there’s always …

Work Lunch Carry

And, although I don’t carry these items everyday, I also have a Contigo Travel Mug (for coffee), a Thermos brand water bottle (about to start using) and Savor Tea bottle (not in love with this since it doesn’t keep my tea hot for hours like it’s supposed to).

What’s in your everyday work bag?
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12 Replies to “Work Carry {The Fall Edition}”

  1. […] bag and setup has changed quite a bit since Work Carry {The Fall Edition}. I ditched the laptop bag + handbag setup for just 1 bigger bag (from Dress […]

  2. Fran C says:

    I love my Ostor blender! The bottle size is just perfect. Sometimes the night before I will loaded up and in the morning pop it on the base and put on my headphones and take the dogs for a nice long walk. While enjoying my healthy morning beverage. I should add more greens to my fruit smoothies.
    After reading your post I’m feeling inspired to go through my purse and D clutter. I have little sandwich baggies that Ziploc and one of them has little medical essentials like some aspirins a few Band-Aids, etc. one of them is filled with things like a pen and a few paperclips and one of those portable chargers, and one is filled with a portable toothbrush toothpaste and mouthwash and breath mints. I suppose I could find something more attractive than Ziploc bags but they just works so good! LOL
    My husband does not use a wallet! He uses a Ziploc bag. I used to be so embarrassed when he would pull out his Ziploc bag at the store now I don’t really care. Besides I use my own Ziploc bags as wallets of sort. LOL

  3. My bag is weighed down with so much stuff! Deodorant, perfume, pens, notebook, phone, iPad, purse, lipsticks and ton of other junk that I never use! I’m so nosey I love these posts! 😀 Your coin purse is really cute.

  4. Zezee says:

    In my bag: a book or three, 2 highlighters, pen, backup earrings, notebook for thoughts and another for when I can’t find the former, headphones, lotion, water, receipts, clutch, and umbrella, if I don’t forget it (I always do).

  5. Akilah says:

    Laptop, folders, gradebook, textbooks, wallet, school ID, pens/pencils/white-out/erasers.

  6. Andi says:

    Ooooh, I love these kinds of posts! It’s about time to clean out my own bag.

  7. Michelle says:

    I like the idea of carrying just a clutch in case of an impromptu lunch dash. I have been looking for ways to pare down how many bags I carry to work each day. I have been thinking of a clutch for some time. Thanks for the reminder I need to get on this – especially as we enter the winter months, and I will have yet another bag to carry on snowy and icy days!