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We’re starting the countdown on our favorite “media” consumed for #AMonthofFaves. Today’s topic is On the Screen or in Your Ear and I’m sharing my 9 favorite tv shows that I watched this year. All are on Netflix.

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Favorite TV Series – 2021

  1. Sweet Tooth. The trailer didn’t really look appealing to me but it received a lot of good buzz, so I decided to watch it on a plane ride. I was hooked and binge watched the entire season over the course of a few nights.
  2. How to Ruin Christmas. I went through a phase where I was really into African dramas. This is one of my favorites. It’s comedic in the – I am a mess and I bring the chaos everywhere I go – way.
  3. Ozark. This is a little slow to start, but hang in there … so much happens that I don’t recommend watching too many episodes in a row. Take it slow. The next season is to come out soon and I cannot wait!
  4. Castle and Castle. A Nigerian legal drama series where I loved the chemistry of the main characters … and admittedly it did have some eye rolling moments, but I liked it.
  5. You. Season 3 came out this year and it was so much better than season 2 (which I didn’t love). Season 1 was pretty epic too, so overall I would say – watch this! And read the books.
  6. The Smart Money Woman. OKkkk – maybe the acting isn’t the best, but I thought the show was a cute rom-com.
  7. Downton Abbey. You also need more period dramas in your life. This was just so awesome – 4 glorious seasons to watch.
  8. Bridgerton. And you need more period drama with hot romance in your life.
  9. Poldark. Did I mention that I went through a phase of watching period dramas?!

Do you have any recommendations? What are some of your favorite tv shows or movies watched in 2021?

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  1. Catherine

    Jan 12

    Oh my gosh, you have some great ones on this list. Some of my Netflix favorites include: Selling Sunset, Cheer, The Big Day, and Dash & Lily.

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