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October is #WickedGoodReads Month {The 2016 Edition}

wickedgoodreads 2016

Girlxoxo and Outlandish Lit are going to rock the hell out of October with #WickedGoodReads – a month-long love-a-thon of Books with Wicked People & Creatures + Dangerous Places & Things. Of course we want you to join in on the awesomeness so check out the topics we’re posting our blogs below – and each of which will have a Linky Tool, so you can post on your own blog and then share it on the linky for that day!


Oct. 01 – Monthly Motif Check In … Things That Go Bump In The Night

Oct. 03 – Books That Prove You Can’t Always Trust Your Neighbors or The People Close to You
Oct. 04 – Favorite Psychological Thrillers
Oct. 05 – Books With Paranormal Sleuths
Oct. 06 – Shout-Out to Our Favorite Female Horror Authors
Oct. 07 – Books With Dangerously Brilliant People

Oct. 10 – Awesome Haunted House Books
Oct. 11 – Places I Wouldn’t Want to Go Because of These Books
Oct. 12 – International Horror and Weird Books {3 Of Our Faves}
Oct. 13 – Books That Make The Woods Seem Like A Scary Place
Oct. 14 – Old and Obscure Horror Stories | Favorite Classics

Oct. 17 – Witches – The Good, The Bad and the Meanest
Oct. 18 – Books With Monsters From Folklore
Oct. 19 – Scarily Awesome Books About Possession
Oct. 20 – Books Told From the Villains Point of View
Oct. 21 – There be Dragons!

Oct. 24 – Horrifying Graphic Novels/Comics
Oct. 25 – Cozy Mysteries That Are Actually Pretty Creepy
Oct. 26 – Scary Short Story Collections
Oct. 27 – Books Where Playing With Magic Wasn’t Such a Good Idea
Oct. 28 – Not-So-Creepy-But-Still-Chilling Halloween Reading Recommendations

Oct. 31 – #WickedGoodReads WrapUp & the Books We Read This Month

So here’s the plan …

We post + You post + You come and link it on our blog! If you’re joining us for any of the topics, just leave a comment below (tell us what you plan on doing). And check out last year’s posts for some inspiration – #WickedGoodReads Month 2015.

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