Summer (A)ctivities Challenge #SummerAtoZ

This summer Kim and I are challenging each other to complete as many of these fun summer activities as we can. The rules are simple: do the tasks (husbands & kids count); post photo proof on Instagram. We’ll be checking in here late summer to let you know how we’re doing and using the hastag #GirlxoxoSummerFun

#GirlxoxoSummerFun Challenge

1. Wear something bright
2. Go somewhere new
3. Go for a long walk – 4+ miles
4. Spend a day hiking
5. Have a picnic or grill outside
6. Spend some time at a beach (or lake)
7. Get your game playing on – board games or outdoor fun
8. Read a big book – 400+ pages
9. Make lemonade from scratch … or sangria
10. Eat something you’ve never tried before
11. Taste the rainbow – at least 7 different colors of foods and / or drinks
12. Do something crafty
13. Try at least 5 different ice cream (or frozen yogurt) flavors – at least one must be in a cone (the messier the better)
14. Finish an entire coloring book or a summer journal
15. Enjoy a fireworks show or a bonfire
16. Movie marathon – watch at least 3 movies in a row!
17. Go to a carnival, festival, fair or parade
18. Get a summer theme song (and share it) – or make a summer playlist
19. Pay it forward – pay for someone’s coffee
20. Put a vase of summer flowers in your home or office
21. Appreciate your home town- take a pictures of a favorite or interesting place
22. Go on a date
23. Visit a farmer’s market or support a local / small business owner
24. Listen to live music
25. Make something awesome from your own garden or a U-Pick ‘Em farm
26. Grow something
27. Get close to animals – either at the zoo, at a park with some friendly ducks, geese, squirrels, etc.
28. Write a letter and mail it to a family member or friend
29. Make fancy popsicles – the definition of “fancy” is up to you.
30. Go to a museum, planetarium, aquarium or botanical garden

We’re super excited to be doing this. What are you most looking forward to doing this summer?


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  1. Tianna

    Jul 01

    so many awesome ideas! Definitely want to have a movie night, make s’mores, swim a lot, and enjoy time with friends 🙂

  2. Great idea! And I’m honored that my Big Book Summer Challenge is a part of your summer fun! Can’t wait to see what big book(s) you read this summer.

    Summer here is very different now than it was a few short years ago. Our sons, 18 and 21 now, have a packed-full schedule of travel…without us! No time for a family vacation anymore with college summer session, work, friends, and all their stuff. I so miss our traditional 3-week long roadtrip.

    But, my husband and I are getting used to traveling on our own, mostly making short trips with our camper (until they both head off to college in the fall!), so I’m looking forward to that, as well as a mini family vacation – just a few days – to one of our old favorites, Black Hills of South Dakota.

    Otherwise…reading Big Books, of course!


    2016 Big Book Summer Challenge

    • Your vacations sound like a lot of fun Sue! I’m on the opposite end. We have a two year old so we are taking short trips until he is a little older and will better tolerate the longer road trips we like to go on.

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