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Read Eat Watch [The June Edition] and #SummerAtoZ

Life • 2 Comments

I don’t know if summer is approaching where you are – but God it’s such a glorious time of year here. We’re coming...

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#SummerAtoZ Blog Event Wrapup [The 2017 Edition]

Blogging • 3 Comments

A theme is the perfect way to get your blogging mojo on and so for the 2nd year, Kim and I did a #SummerAtoZ blog challenge. Last year we...

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The End (Z)one {An End of 2017 Reading List}

Bookish • 10 Comments

This has been an incredibly slow reading year for me but I really want to try and finish strong and then pick up the pace in 2018…...

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The End-of-(Y)ear and New (Y)ear Resolution Prep List

Life • 5 Comments

There are 4 more months to go in the rest of the year, so here’s the plan … forget about this year and what has … or...

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Books That Got The A(X)e This Year…So Far

Bookish • 8 Comments

There are a few books this year that I picked up thinking I would really like. Turns out I wasn’t all that into them after all....

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14 Things This (W)eek

Weekly Links • 6 Comments

Here’s a look at some interesting things I read/ saw / thought / did this week....

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Our Fa(V)e #SummerReads2017

Bookish • 7 Comments

What’s the best book you read this summer?...

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(T)ech 3 [The Privacy Edition]

Organizing • One Comment

Our monthly-ish series highlighting 3 useful tech tips that helped us out recently....

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(R)eading From the Best Sellers List [The Handmaid’s Tale]

Bookish • 4 Comments

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood is currently sitting pretty at #15 on the NY Times Bestseller list. I might be the only person...

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4 Books With (U)nbelievable Plot Twists #SummerAtoZ

Bookish • 3 Comments

There’s nothing more fun than a plot twist that totally rocks your socks off, right? Here are a few recent books I’ve read...

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