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Winter 5K Race {Winter Goal CheckIn Run and Done}

Running Races Going Places

Running Races Going Places

One of my Winter Goals is to run at least one race, so, although running outside in the cold is not my thing, I laced up last Saturday and joined a few hundred other folks on a chilly, windy weekend morning.
The Race: Oak Forest Fleadh 5K, Oak Forest IL (March 5, 2016). There were 412 participants. Quite a few people were dressed us in green as St. Patrick’s Day is just about 2 weeks away. There’s also a parade abut 2 hours or so after the race, and a Special Olympics Challenge.

The Course: It’s awesome that they block off the streets for this race! It’s a simple course with undulating inclines (not quite hills). There’s a long straightaway to start which I quite liked and helped to calm me down so I could run at my pace and not go too fast.

Weather Conditions: 32 F but with wind gusts of 10 mph it felt much colder to me (and everyone else).

Cost: $25

Race Bling: The top 3 Finishers as usual, and 5-year age group awards (usually the age range is 10). I finished 5th in my age group at 28:59. A little faster than the Santa 5K, which was the last race I ran.

Worth it? Yes, if you make a family day out of it and stay for the parade. Otherwise … not unless you’re local – which I was not.

Lesson Learned: Keep a closer eye on weather reports.

My Race Gear: All black everything. I started out with the Danskin Now Dri-More Core Leggings (Walmart – $9.00 and I’ve had it for years – highly recommended) but decided to also run with my Reebok sweats over it. My top layers were the matching Danskin Now long sleeve fitted performance Tee with a larger long sleeve fleece lined jacket over it.

Running ShoesBrooks PureFlow 4 which for keeping your feet warm when running outdoors in the winter. But even it couldn’t keep the chill from my feet this time – they were NUMB the entire race.

No gloves this time. Despite the cold, I haven’t found any gloves that do more than trap the cold inside them. So I went without, and although my hands / fingers eventually got cold – the race was almost over by then.

Music – I bought these $50 Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones a few months ago, and they were kinda like my “ear muffs” since I didn’t have a hot on. I’m glad I wore sweats because I slipped my phone in my pocket, and played my “Sound of the Beast” playlist for the entire run.

My time is definitely nothing to brag about, so I thought I’d mention WHY I run races and my approach. I like being in and interacting with the running community. I find them inspiring in their dedication and spirit. I also like going to races because I usually learn about new places and often, I go hiking after. I no longer use running gadgets – watches or apps – because I don’t care about that sort of thing. My race pace is as fast as I can go for as long as I can maintain it … whatever that “it” may be. I do track, but only distance and using a simple spreadsheet.

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  1. Nice race!! I agree about interacting with the running community. I wish I had time to do more of that for my training runs. But for now, I just enjoy the race day camraderie. And I’m actually a bit jealous about your 32 degrees, considering I run through most of the winter in the single digits…hehe. 🙂

  2. Congrats on your race!

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