#AMonthofFaves {My Reading Year}

A Month of Favorites is finally here! Traveling with T, Estella’s Revenge and I will be sharing our fave experiences from this year . Today, we’re talking about our Bookish Year.

My Reading Year

No. of Books Read: 33 so far.

Genre That Got the Most Love This Year: Mystery/Thriller. Last year it was Science Fiction, which still had a strong showing this year as well. My reading tastes vary wildly.

  • Science Fiction – 6
  • Mystery / Thriller – 10
  • Contemporary – 5
  • Horror (Vampires & Zombies) – 2
  • Paranormal & Supernatural (Ghost, Witches & Ghouls) – 3
  • Dark Contemporary – 3
  • Magical Realism – 2
  • Fantasy (straight up no chaser) – 2

Most Read Author: I read 2 books by a few authors this year – Stephen King (Revival and Finder’s Keepers), Joe Hill (Horns and Heart Shaped Box), and Susan Hill (The Various Haunts of Men and The Risk of Darkness – Simon Serailler #1 and #3). Last year – my most read author was Jo Nesbo, and I managed to squeeze in only 1 book by him this year (Nemesis – Harry Hole #4).

Suspenseful Books

How I Read: Audiobooks – 17; physical books – 7; eBooks – 9. eBooks are playing a much greater role in my reading now that I’ve discovered I can tolerate reading on my phone.

When I Read: I read the most books in February (6) and the lease in June (1). I’m a slow reader, and tend to average 1 book / week. But I’m also a moody reader, so some months, I just don’t feel like reading at all.

Fave Book of the Year (Just a Hint): I don’t have one favorite this year … I simply cannot choose. My list includes a book of short stories, a book about a psychopath, a contemporary novel about a young boy and a mystery that’s a part of a series.

Most Surprising Reading Thing: No historical fiction read at all – and I also didn’t read as diversely as I would have liked, which is why my Winter reading list is going to be entirely made up of titles written by authors of color, or that feature a person of color on the cover.

How I Blogged

This year, I focused on my fitness during the summer and shed almost 30 pounds. I felt all my energy and free time was dedicated to doing something, and my blogging habits needed to change.

I deleted ALL my blog posts during the summer – and then came back … slightly different. Gone were individual book discussions and posting every week day. Instead I post typically post 4 times a week now (M,W, F and Sun.) and I’m channeling my love of reading lists with more bookish posts like 8 Crazy Good Marriage Thrillers That Belong On Your Reading List or 5 Better Than the Book Audiobooks or  #ReadThis … 3 Books With Talent Stealing Bitches. And, I’m still maintaining the Master List of Book Blogging Memes.

Book Blogging MemesThe topics are a little more varied and I hope to start focusing more on Digital Lifehacks like How To Use Evernote As A Blogging Editorial Calendar.

What’s your bookish year been like so far?


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