Author: Tanya Patrice

Tanya is an avid reader - teenage boy wrangler - husband tamer - knowledge seeker.

What’s In My Everyday Bag [The Fall 2015 Edition]

Life • 15 Comments

One of my favorite blogs is It’s awesome to see what people are toting around, and I thought I’d...

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4 Must Read Books on My Summer Reading List {The 2015 Familiar Authors Edition}

Bookish • 9 Comments

This summer, I’m picking books to read that are written by authors familiar to me – authors whose books I’ve read and...

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Hiking Gear for a Hard Summer Hike

Life • 3 Comments

The #1 thing on my list of 12 Fun Things to Do in the Summer is to go hiking, so last weekend I set out on the White trail at Fishkill...

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12 Fun Things to Do in the Summer

Life • 3 Comments

Summer is my favorite time of year – especially since I now have to live through the long cold winters of New York. Here are some of...

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Summer Fit {Goals and Plans}

Life • 2 Comments

This summer I’m working on CONSISTENCY. I start and stop all the time, and I need to learn to push through and do something at least...

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8 Crazy Good Marriage Thrillers That Belong On Your Reading List

Bookish • 7 Comments

Crazy and weird love in books fascinate me, and marriage thrillers have been rocking my world recently. Here are 8 Crazy Good Marriage...

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App Love: How to Use Evernote as a Wine Catalog

Organizing • 2 Comments

My phone is always with me, so I’m obsessed with using it as much as I can to help improve everyday life. I might be a bit obsessed...

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On Only Reading Books You Can Relate To … Why?

Bookish • 5 Comments

“I like to only read insert book genre here books because “I can relate” to it.” This is an argument that...

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