In The Bloggers Toolbox {Feedly Tips and Tweaks}

Feedly is a news aggregator – which basically means that in one place, you can get updates when a website or blog that you follow publishes new content. Here are some tips and tweaks that will make Feedly your bitch!

Preview of the Full Website

Perhaps my favorite feature of Feedly, is the ability to preview the full site – even when a partial feed is displayed. Simply click the preview option at the top (or press shift + v). This will load the full article inside Feedly. And you can even leave comments on a blog post here too.

Customize Feedly

Customize Feedly Display

Make Feedly look how you want it to. Click the gear icon at the top right (beside the search bar) to choose between – Title Only, Magazine, Cards, Full Articles and Grouped by Feeds.

Customize Feedly

Customize Feedly Themes

This is essentially just a change of color of the menu on the left side of Feedly (which I have in purple). To do this click on “More” on the bottom left, and then click on “Themes” from the options that become available.

Customize Feedly

Customize Share Options on the Feeds

The share and save buttons that you see on the article toolbar is another thing that can be easily customized in Feedly. Open an article and click on the Settings icon on the left (looks like 3 dots aligned vertically one above the other). This opens a drop down menu from which you can click on Preferences.

Customize Feedly

Another menu will open up with quite a few choices. For the FREE version of Feedly, you get to select from a specified list up to 9 sharing tools to show directly on the article toolbar. I have mine customized to show Twitter and Buffer.

A Few More Things

  1. To subscribe to a website using Feedly, you can click the “Add Content” button and type (or copy and paste) the web address. Or you can install the Feedly browser extension. This adds a Feedly icon in the address bar. I’m using Add to Feedly Plus Firefox Extension. When you’re at a website, it will sho the number of Feeds – click on  and it will take you to Feedly, where it will prompt you to add to Feedly.
  2. Use Feedly to suscribe to YouTube channels – and watch your videos or listen to podcasts right inside the app. You don’t have to go to external websites. When you click Add Content in Feedly, type in the URL of the YouTube channel and then Add to Feedly.

Do you use a content aggregator like to keep track of blog and website updates? Is it Feedly – or Bloglovin?


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  1. Jenni Elyse

    Mar 25

    I really love Feedly. I’ve used it ever since Google Reader died. I didn’t know about some of the settings you’ve listed, especially the ability to preview the post and comment. So, thank you!!! 🙂

  2. Akilah

    Mar 22

    We are feedly color twins! Didn’t know about the preview tool–thanks for sharing!

  3. Kim@Time2Read

    Mar 22

    I have been using Feedly for a long time. I don’t think I could survive without it. But believe it or not, I just noticed the preview option last week!

    • Tanya Patrice

      Mar 23

      @Kim I didn’t notice it at first either!

  4. Thanks for such a comprehensive guide Tanya. Never heard of Feedly before but have bookmarked your post so that I can look into it. Sounds a great way to keep everything together!

    • Tanya Patrice

      Mar 23

      @Shaz I hope it works for you. it’s an awesome tool

  5. Omg, I’m such a feedly addict! I round up all my subscriptions there and that way I know exactly what I’ve been reading and what I’ve gotten behind on. It’s the perfect way to stay on top of things without getting crazy overwhelmed.

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