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#PlannerGirl Bullet Journal With an Arc Planner {Q2 Update}

Work Journal

Work Journal

A few months ago, I decided to use the Bullet Journal system for my work planner. I used a large discbound ARC planner from Staples because of it’s professional black leather bound covers, and removable letter size paper. Here’s what worked, and what hasn’t so far.

What fit my needs EXACTLY

✬ The large discbound ARC planner from Staples. The paper is removable, it looks great, and is big enough that one month’s tasks usually fits on 1 page (both sides) – so it won’t get too bulky by year end.

✬ Using a monthly system for what is called a “brain dump” of tasks. Everytime there is something I need to do, I just write it on the next line of the monthly page.

Bullet Journal Planner

✬ Having a minimal system – not worrying about handwriting, decoration etc. This is for work so the most important thing is the content (well, and it being legible).

What didn’t work

✬ I don’t need to use symbols for tasks, emails etc. It’s easier use a “dot” and then write out email XYZ, or DO ABC – and then just put an X when the task is complete, or an arrow if the task gets forwarded to the next month.

✬ Not putting due dates for everything does not work. It guarantees that I don’t even glance at it during the month.

✬ Not looking at the journal every morning and picking tasks to do. A lot of things just ended up getting moved from 1 month to the next, and so I didn’t use it very effectively.

Changing and Adding for June

✬ Adding a section at the bottom of my monthly page for follow-ups. There are many times when I need to make sure that others have followed through.


✬ Adding a weekly section where I separate 1 page into sections for Monday to Saturday. Each day I add what we make at the plant, and my top 3 tasks to complete that day.

✬ Using bullet points instead of symbols. Not a huge deal – but it simplifies the system even more.

Do you use a planner – digital or paper? What’s your system for work?

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